The man who nearly murdered Pope John Paul II and later claimed to be Jesus has emerged from prison demanding $7m for a tell all film and book deal, for which he wants Dan Brown. “Mehmet Ali Agca has been in jail for nearly 30 years and during that time, the theories about why he attempted a papal assassination have multiplied. Now he is out, the curiosity about the man and his motives will be vast. And Mr Agca, despite having what the Turkish authorities called ‘a severe personality disorder’, seems well aware of it. Interest in film and documentary projects stretches ‘from Japan to Canada’, he claimed in a letter to a British newspaper. He is reported to be asking $2m for a television interview, and $5m for two books, one of which would be his autobiography. He has also apparently written to the best-selling American author Dan Brown proposing a book to be entitled The Vatican Code, and a film of the same name. Hurriyet Daily News, a Turkish daily paper, reported that his family hopes ‘to earn at least $50m in copyrights from TV series, interviews, documentaries and books’.”