What's the Latest Development?

The fast food industry is evolving to suit a new generation's tastes, as well as their health concerns. While juggernauts of the business are introducing "fresh" and "healthy" items, new chains are emerging which serve only vegan food, prepared with taste and price in mind. Veggie Grill, which won best American restaurant in the 2012 Los Angeles Times readers’ poll, serves up cheeseburgers, crab cakes, mashed potatoes, and vegetables like kale in a pleasant atmosphere for a pretty fair price. "Future growth should allow Veggie Grill to lower prices, but it may never be possible to spend less than 10 dollars on a meal there."

What's the Big Idea?

The lives of Americans aren't slowing down, but as the national obesity epidemic has captured the media spotlight, mounting public concern has emerged over what we put into our bodies at mealtime. For newcomers looking to breakthrough in the fast food market, the payoff is potentially enormous. "About half of all the money spent on food in the United States is for meals eaten outside the home. And last year McDonald’s earned $5.5 billion in profits on $88 billion in sales. If a competitor offered a more healthful option that was able to capture just a single percent of that market share, it would make $55 million."

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