A blizzard is expected to take aim at the Northeast of America, with what weather experts are predicting to be “immobilizing blizzard conditions” with wintry winds and destructive snow.“As the storm intensifies, the winds across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast will strengthen later today and tonight. Wind gusts could even reach hurricane-force in some areas. Widespread power outages can occur. Downed trees, trash cans, and shingles will be among the debris that will litter some neighborhoods. The heaviest snow, 1-2 feet, will be immobilizing from the Poconos and Catskills through a stretch of Upstate New York, including Syracuse. The Green and White Mountains in New England will also be buried by a paralyzing 1-2 feet of snow. A broad area of 6- to 12-inch snowfall will fall from northern New Brunswick to central New Jersey, much of Pennsylvania, northeastern Ohio and southern Ontario. New York City and Philadelphia are among the cities that lie within this zone. Some communities in upstate New York and New England have already been buried by 1-2 feet of snow from a storm over the past couple of days. Some roofs and structures in this zone are at risk for succumbing to the weight of snow. Trees and power lines are also likely to be brought down by the heavy snow.”