Government pledges to halt growing biodiversity losses by this year have failed and the desecration of animal species is becoming even more severe.“Eight years ago, world governments made a pledge to put a halt to growing biodiversity loss by 2010. They have not succeeded. The ongoing loss of biodiversity has instead become even more severe of a threat to the planet's once-balanced ecosystems--it's become a full-on extinction crisis. Thanks to human development and expansion, species are now going extinct exponentially faster than ever before--they're dying out at the frightening speed of 1,000 times the natural rate. This has lead many to term the current period of biodiversity loss 'the sixth great extinction'--but instead of a natural event like an asteroid impact, this one is being caused by the development of human infrastructure, and the expansion of farming and of cities. With the worldwide population surging, biodiversity in sensitive areas like the Amazon and the Indonesian islands--and just about everywhere else--is suffering as deforestation occurs in more and more new frontiers.”