Augmented Reality Glasses Already for Sale

Google is not the only company working on augmented reality glasses. In fact, there are six products available for purchase, ranging from skiing goggles to manufacturing applications. 

What's the Latest Development?

With its Project Glass commercial, Google raised the public profile of augmented reality glasses higher than ever before. The Internet company is not the only game in town, however. Several other businesses have produced layered visual displays and integrated them into a pair of specs. The company Recon has already brought augmented reality to skiers and snowboarders, who can receive real-time information about their elevation and speed in a small screen that sits at the bottom-right of the user’s field of vision. And the goggle's GPS information can be used in concert with interactive maps. 

What's the Big Idea?

With a look similar to Google's Project Glass, the industrial-purpose Brother AiRScouter is looking to open manufacturing and medical sectors to the technology. Brother says the LCD display is the equivalent of viewing a 16-inch monitor that rests one meter away. "As a factory worker is operating machinery, the AiRScouter can overlay workflow instructions in real-time." On the entertainment end, Sony has partnered with Epson to create Moverio, the most immersive 3D movie and gaming experience on the market. But it seems Google is headed in the best direction in creating a multipurpose product that works like a hands-free smartphone. 

Photo credit: Project Glass

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