Another Failed Round of Iran and America Talks

Another round of discussions between the United States and Iran did not pan out as hoped for by all parties involved. The two countries cannot come to a consensus, leading many to wonder what's next.

Article written by guest writer Rin Mitchell

What’s the Latest Development?

Talks between the U.S. and Iran in Moscow didn’t produce anything positive between the adversaries and were once again deemed a failure. According to reports, Iran is not interested in reaching an agreement and its government is not “committed to building trust.” Iranian emissary, Saiid Jalili believes the UN is “illegally targeting” his country and that their “right to enrich uranium should be recognized.” Yet, his stance was rejected by the P5+1 because Iran has been keeping details of its nuclear program under wraps. It is this power struggle between the U.S and Iran that is keeping the two sides from reaching a consensus. The only way for any real negotiations to take place is for either party to give in a little, but that would be the same as giving up.  An agreement is in the interests of all parties “concerned to explore any intermediate solutions.” For the Russian diplomacy, the failed talks in Moscow are viewed as a setbackas it had “inspired the idea of “step-by-step and reciprocal negotiations with concessions each side could make” 

What’s the Big Idea?

The failed attempt at an agreement between America and Iran that was intensely mediated by Russia has led to the uncertainty of what is next. “The Americans and Europeans want to limit the risk of a dangerous crisis, the Russians and the Chinese don’t believe in the efficiency of sanctions, and the Iranians want to reduce the economic pressure they’re facing.” Since the meeting in Moscow didn’t deliver what was hoped for, the power struggle will remain intact.  “The attitude of Iranian emissary Saïd Jalili convinced his counterparts that he had no wiggle room from the hard line of Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei’s.”

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