Honesty is the Newest Additive in Food Advertising

Food labeling is about to get more honest after the Supreme Court ruled against Coca-Cola in a lawsuit brought against the soda giant by POM Wonderful. Coca-Cola had been labeling a juice "Pomegratate-Blueberry" despite the fact that the product contained less than 1% pomegranate.

What's the Latest?

The Supreme Court earlier this week ruled that juice maker POM can sue Coca-Cola on grounds of false advertising. POM, one of the nation's leading producers of pomegranate juice, took the soda giant to court over a product Coke advertises as "Pomegranate-Blueberry" despite it containing less than 1% pomegranate. The ruling is expected to lead to more instances of false advertising litigation which, in turn, should lead to higher industry standards with regard to ingredients lists and advertising.

What's the Big Idea?

The high court's ruling opens the door for more transparency, says Steve Gardner of the Center for Science in the Public Interest:

"This is a really good decision for consumers — and for honest businesses. This encourages honest competition."

Consumers can feel more protected now that the justices have graced false advertisement litigation with their blessings. Food sellers will now be under more pressure to abide by FDA standards and clean up their marketing lest they put themselves in legal danger. No longer will companies risk dishonestly peddling unhealthy products as just the opposite. As POM no doubt would tell you, more honesty in advertising is never a bad thing.

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