How do I increase our group blog's visibility?

I got this e-mail last week from a media company (and, no, you probably don't

know who it is):

[We have] an outstanding group blog. I'd like to get more people to read it

because the thinking is so good. What would you recommend I do to increase

visibility for this blog?

Here was my response:

  1. Have a central RSS feed for the blogs rather than a separate one for each.

Right now it's not really a group blog, is it? Archive posts by BOTH time and


  • Get the attention of the hubs and
  • superhubs

    . How do you do that? By linking to them and by writing about

    content that will be interesting enough for them to remark upon and link back


  • Use your print media to help drive traffic to the central blog.
  • Cultivate a loyal group of otaku. Grow it over time by
  • feeding their needs. Read Meatball


    if you haven't yet done so. Also see Seth Godin's presentation

    at TED

  • Rinse and repeat. Often.
  • Be patient.
  • Advertise on my blog.  ;)   [okay, Will
  • Richardson's blog


    I also should have said:

    • Have a core set of Technorati tags that are used with every post. Add others that are post-specific.
  • Make it easy for people to bookmark and share posts. Include links for e-mail, Digg, StumbleUpon,, etc. with every post.
  • Use FeedBurner or some other system to make it super easy to subscribe to the central RSS feed as well each author's feed. Allow people to receive posts via e-mail.
  • Post new content frequently so that people have a reason to keep returning.
  • Do a Google search on 'increase blog traffic.' There are lots of ideas out there...
  • Anything you would add?

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