Handwriting camp

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by I. B. PoorWriter


I can’t believe I’m even here. My friends get to go swimming, play at the park, and ride bikes. Instead of getting to do fun stuff like that, my mom sent me to handwriting camp.


Today we messed around with clay. There were tiny toys inside and we got to play with them if we could get them out. Mrs. Davis, the teacher, says that we’re building up our finger muscles. That’s good because my hand hurt sometimes last year in class.


I asked my mom why I had to go to this camp. After all, I’m a whiz on the computer keyboard and my Nintendo DS. She said I need to get good at handwriting because I need to write so much in school. Plus there’s something called the new SAT Writing Test that I need to worry about down the road?


Yet another day of handwriting practice and playing with clay. Oh, and we also got to make jump ropes out of strings of beads. My fingers feel stronger already! The week has been sorta fun, I guess.


Handwriting camp is over. I learned a lot about how to write better. My e’s aren’t backwards anymore and my penmanship has improved greatly. My mom says this will help me be successful when I grow up and get a job. Although I wish I could have spent more time with my friends this week, at least I know I’m being prepared for 21st century life!

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