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Why should I come at all? Why should I come back?

Mark Ramsey notes that your web site / blog visitors ask two primary questions:

  1. Why should I come at all?
  2. Why should I come back?
  3. Whether you’re a corporation, government, non-profit agency, school, or university, these two questions apply to everything you’re doing online. And many, many institutions can’t answer these questions very well.

    I had an interaction recently with a health care publicist who said, “But they NEED to know our information. It’s very important. It could even SAVE LIVES.” She didn’t like it when I echoed Seth Godin: “It doesn’t matter. It’s not about you. It’s about them. If they don’t see the meaningfulness and relevance of what you’re offering, it’s your fault, not theirs.”

    Time to change your communication, marketing, and stakeholder engagement strategies. Or get used to people ignoring you. Your choice.

    Picture credit:Y’all come back now


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