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What are the myths of innovation?



nIf you’ve been tracking the business innovation space over the past year or so, you’re probably aware that Scott Berkun is working on a new book about innovation with an April 2007 release date. Below, Scott explains that a major focus of the new book will be identifying and exploring the myths of innovation:


“The book is called The myths of innovation and it has 3 goals:


1) Identify the myths we have about new ideas and innovation
n2) Explore why they’re popular and how they came to be
n3) Use lessons from history to replace myths with knowledge


I’m taking big swings in this book: I take on meaty concepts likencreativity, revolution, history and progress, telling great storiesnfrom innovations past, while delivering advice at a fast pace. It’s anshorter book than art of project management but the challenge to readers, and the value,nis much greater.”

Good luck, Scott, with the new book! For any readers out there with a special hankering for innovation, The Myths of Innovation is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

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