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Weekend Papers

Leading the way over the weekend is news on the al-Huthi front. We speculated last week on the possibilities of renewed clashes in the wake of the postponed elections and the military deal with Russia and while it is still much too soon to declare that war has once again broken out things are not looking good. In other words, the lights are blinking red but the sirens have yet to sound.

There were some clashes in the north, and a shaykh is warning about future dangers. Meanwhile I got an e-mail from ‘Abd al-Malik al-Huthi’s office with a statement signed by a number of prominent shaykhs and leaders in al-Jawf saying they had nothing to do with the recent violence in that governorate. Potential problems in two provinces. Not good.

There is also news of some tribal clashes in Marib that have left a number of people dead over the past two days.

Three months after popular protests began in earnest, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Salih continues to cling to power.  His military has split.  Powerful tribal shaykhs have deserted him and protesters […]

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