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We have a winner! – Technology poem / song contest

There were a number of great entries for my technology poem / song contest, but in the end there has to be a winner. After weeks of agonizing deliberation and handwringing, I’ve made my choices…

  • Second runner-up:Hall Monitor’s version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  • First runner-up:Kevin Hodgson’s original song, Digging Out of the Digital World (complete with mp3!)
  • Grand prize winner:Marshall’s version of The Kinks’ Come Dancing.
  • Marshall, you get everlasting fame and a CASTLE mug. I’ll also send you three great books: It’s Being Done: Academic Success in Unexpected Schools, Ordinary Resurrections: Children in the Years of Hope, and The Emergency Teacher: The Inspirational Story of a New Teacher in an Inner City School.

    Thanks, everyone, for participating!


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