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Vote for the next Volcano Profile

I’ll be posting my summer schedule soon – it is a busy summer for me this year for a number of reasons (as you’ll see). So, to keep things interesting, I’ll be bringing back a number of Eruptions features, the first being Volcano Profiles.

We haven’t had a Volcano Profile in a while, but if you want to look back on some of the official and unofficial Profiles, check them out:

  • Erta’Ale, Ethiopia
  • Etna, Italy
  • Erebus, Antarctica
  • Fuji, Japan
  • Hood, United States
  • Laacher See, Germany
  • Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
  • Vesuvius, Italy
  • Now, it is your turn to pick the next volcano for me to profile. Vote in the poll below and make your choice known (and feel free to lobby for your choice in the comments).

    What should be the next Volcano Profile?customer surveys

    Look for the profile to be posted sometime during the summer.

    Top left: Could Augustine, seen here erupting in 2006, be the next volcano profile?


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