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Guest Thinkers

Trust Human Intelligence

Biologist and popular author Richard Dawkins says that human intelligence is undervalued these days. We must do away with rulebooks and start trusting our own judgment, he says.

Biologist and anti-religion crusader Richard Dawkins says: “How often does a criminal walk free on a ‘technicality’? Perhaps the arresting officer fluffed his lines when delivering the official caution. Decisions that will gravely affect a person’s life can turn on the powerlessness of a judge to exercise discretion and reach the conclusion that every single person in the court, including the criminal and his defence lawyer, knows is just. It isn’t as simple as this, of course. Discretion can be abused, and rulebooks are important safeguards against that. But the balance has shifted too far in the direction of an obsessive reverence for rules.”


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