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The magic of innovation at Xerox

In an interview with Geoff Colvin of FORTUNE magazine, Xerox’s “inventor-in-chief” Sophie Vandebroek discusses how she is leading an “innovation revival” at one of the most storied innovators in the history of U.S. business. In her search for breakthrough technologies, she is experimenting with leading-edge trends such as customer-driven innovation and virtual worlds such as Second Life. During the product development process, Xerox considers the 6 S’s of innovation:

“We do research on six S’s. We constantly want to make our systems

simpler, speedier, smaller (because smaller means less expensive),

smarter (like remote diagnostics, remote prognostics, making sure our

customers don’t need to deal with their systems because Xerox knows the

status of the machine), more secure, and socially responsible (meaning

more green technologies).”

Anyway, mad props to Sophie and her innovation team at Xerox. According to the FORTUNE article, she will receive the National Medal of Technology from President Bush at the White House sometime in late July.

[image: Sophie Vandebroek in NYC]


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