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Taking the Fight to al-Qaeda?

The Yemeni government is attempting to take the fight to alQaeda, using helicopters to comb the governorates of Marib, Shabwa, Hadramawt, and probably alJawf. (All of this makes me wonder my alMasri is so bad at public relations as the head of the Ministry of the Interior – stay tuned for a post on alMasri that I’m working on. I didn’t think much of his strategy when he was governor of Sa’dah and I don’t think much of how he is handling things now.)

Security services seem to believe that many of these men are in Marib, which makes the rumors of possible US strikes on alQaeda targets in Yemen worrisome. For the record although I think the rumors are only rumors I also believe that such a policy would be disastrous.

According to Mareb Press
five of the individuals on the list of the 12 suspects that Yemen released on Thursday are preparing attacks in the near future.

There will of course be much more on Sada alMalahim in the coming days, but at the moment I’m desperately far behind on meeting a deadline (what’s new?).

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