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Spread Some Random Happiness

Daily affirmations and inspirational messages may look cheesy but they work. Ironically, the first things we forget are the most vital for our happiness, like the love we have for our friends or the beautiful day that is outside.

It’s great to be caught off guard and have your daily monotony jumbled up by an unexpected smile, a good word or a kind gesture.

Here are a couple of artists who decorate the public space with random love and inspiration in the hope to disrupt your routine and infect you with some happiness.

Akin Bilgic is currently raising money on kickstarter to be able to purchase as many mirrors as possible, inscribe them with inspirational messages and then install them around the city overnight. On the next day, after busy San Franciscans catch their reflections under messages like “Looking good. Ask him/her out” Biglic hopes they will walk away feeling inspired, confident, and happier, which in-turn will spread to others they interact with.

Public Reminders is a similar project by artists Bruno Xavier and Feta Romano. They stick post-its around the city to remind passers-by about the important little things we so often forget like the fact that spring has finally arrived or that it’s about time we called mom to see how she’s doing. 

So, go ahead, grab a marker and head to your office restrooms, or stick a post-it on someone’s desk – happiness is contagious. Spread it.

via GOOD & whitezine


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