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SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Activity Report for 10/28-11/3/2009

New images of Kilauea from space, Soufriere Hills’ pyroclastic flows and lahars and things settling down at Anak Krakatau, all in this week’s USGS/SI volcano update.

The latest of volcano news from around the world, brought to you by the USGS and Smithsonian Institute Global Volcanism Program (and especially Sally Kuhn Sennert!)

Highlights this week include:

  • Karangetang in Indonesia produced a couple 3 km/10,000 foot steam-and-ash plumes according to reports from pilots.
  • Soufriere Hills on the island on Montserrat has had quite a few pyroclastic flows over the last few weeks since the volcano started erupting again. Mix that with some heavy rainfall and lahars were produced as well.
  • The alert level is still at Orange at Karymsky in Kamchatka, which produced a number of ~3.7 km/12,100 foot ash plumes.
  • Lava flows from the Thanksgiving Eve Breakout at Kilauea continued to flow towards the ocean, while the Halema’uma’u vent continued to steam from the lava pond near the surface at the vent. The NASA Earth Observatory posted an image today of the current Kilauea lava flows.
  • The alert level at Anak Krakatau in Indonesia were lowered this week, back to 2 (out of 4) after both seismicity and plumes have tailed off since August.

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