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Separation Anxiety

It’s called an Etch-A-Sketch, get it right!

I’ve been pondering why people here like to claim they have no free will, and I recently struck my face into my palm upon realizing the problem is the knowledge between good and evil.

It is without a doubt proof (Because I have erased said line) that there is a misconception about the validity of the Genesis story.  It is true, but it’s a one sided version.  I may blaspheme here and there about creation and all that, but all in all my erasing said line proves that the bible story (At least, according to Gnosticism) is absolutely, irrefutably correct.  We just forgot that separation wasn’t a “given”, simply because the distinction between good an evil relies on personal desire.

It’s a lower form of thinking.  Now I see that good things are not defined, but made known by those who partake in making a good thing shine.  Something they have found worthy of making true, something other people can believe in.  The fault in man is to identify evil things as unworthy, even though the good thing is just as unworthy.

What is good for the few is irrelevant.  It is the many that must survive, right? 

Just don’t say “Yes, in every case this is true,”, free men abroad.  Though if you believe in it then it must be true, but it is not any more believable than the opposite.

Thoughts?  And yes, Big Think, topics CAN be blank!  Not my bad!


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