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Redoubt Mini-Update for 5/3/2009

Seismicity is up at Redoubt – are we headed for any bout of explosive activity?

For those of you who might not be paying as close attention to Redoubt now as in the past, this is the latest from AVO:

Redoubt’s 2009 eruption continues and appears to be gaining intensity. Seismic activity has increased markedly in the last 24 hours, showing stronger volcanic tremor and more frequent rockfall events. Minor emissions of ash have also been visible in webcam views during this time period. Steam emissions in particular have become more vigorous over the last 2 hours, with a steam plume now reaching approximately 18,000 feet above sea level.

Are we headed to a dome collapse in the near future? The dome continues to grow, so keep an eye on the webcam to spot any collapses that produce block & ash flows. Currently the volcano is still at Orange/Watch status.

{Hat tip to Eruptions reader Ross for getting us back on the Redoubt Watch.}


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