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Organ donation by default?

Upon birth should we assume automatic organ donation vs. voluntary donation?

With a shortage of in demand hearts, lungs, livers, and other “dispensable” organs, should we not look for a way to increase the supply in order to balance with the ever increasing demand? My limited knowledge of stem cell research suggests that in the future this question may easily be answered by way of medical engineering and an affluent clientele. But maybe there is another way… Upon birth by default, should we assume automatic organ donation vs. the current voluntary system? If one dies in a car crash or by a natural means their organs would be harvested for use. In such a system the guardian and or individual would have the option of an “exclusionary document” if they so choose not to be involved. Of course not all will be comfortable with this type of policy. Opposing views of death, religion, politics, and many other personal opinions must be thoroughly debated in order to reach a consensus. This would be an enormous sociological challenge, but it could lead to new generations of children being raised to accept this as the norm. Yes it may seem morbid, or morally unacceptable to most, but maybe a new mindset would allow such a radical and potentially beneficial idea to become plausible…

What do you think?


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