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Nuqum, Finally!

One of the things I regret about this blog to date, is the relatively few number of times I have been able to shoehorn in references to Dhu al-Fiqar, al-Tahara and Nuqum. Those who know me, or more likely, those who have chewed qat with me for extended periods of time can recall (with what I hope is something resembling pleasure) my indulgences. (‘Amar this is for you and our discussions of al-Shawkani’s hygienic decisions.)

Anyway, I seem to veered rather far off course there, I mention this all as a set-up to this article from al-Ghad (yes, it is finally back on-line), which is a brief summary of the Yemeni jihadi news of the week. It tells us that the second suicide bomber was from the San’ani neighborhood of Azal in the Nuqum district. It also, and I think incorrectly, claims that the MOI’s identity of the bomber came a week after al-Qaeda announced its responsibility for the attack – I don’t think that is correct. In fact, I’m certain that is not correct – and I still think there is something to the timing of the two announcements so close to one another.

Last night Frontline aired the film al-Qaeda in Yemen, which was reported by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad who writes for the Guardian and who, along with Declan Walsh when he was at […]

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