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New Wanted List from Saudi

Today, Saudi Arabia is out with a new wanted list of 47 men it believes have fled the kingdom and joined the jihad abroad.  Many, according to this AFP report, are believed to be in Yemen. 

Not much more to report at the moment, but I assume there will be a number of pieces in the Saudi papers tomorrow and so I’ll let them do the heavy lifting. 

Saudi is reporting that five of the individuals on previous lists have turned themselves in – Jabir al-Fayfi and Muhammad al-Awfi are two, anyone have the other three?

Just a couple of notes.

1.  This is the fifth list and it is new, which means that none of the people on previous lists are replicated on this on.  So, in short, there are many more than just 47 Saudis pursuing jihad abroad.  But to get the complete number, you’ll have to put together your own list of who has been killed or captured.

2.  This list, like previous ones, is in alphabetical order.  Hopefully, we won’t see any more nonsense in the western press about Fulan ibn Fulan, no. 3 on Saudi Arabia’s most wanted list, being killed.  These men aren’t ranked in order of importance, just by their name.

I attempted to paste the list of names, but had trouble configuring the Arabic and I don’t have time to transliterate all of them.  For those interested the full list of 47 is here.


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