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Moving Day

Today marks Waq al-waq’s last day on After some thought and several discussions I have decided to move Waq al-waq to Big Think.

I am incredibly excited about the move. I first interacted with Big Think back in January 2010, when they kindly had me in to their studios in New York to record an interview on Yemen. Since then our relationship has, as they say, blossomed. Big Think has added some blogs to their home site and when they offered me an opportunity to come aboard I jumped at the chance. has been a great home for most of the past two years, and I have every reason to believe that Big Think will be an excellent fit for Waq al-waq. Just to be clear, the editorial stance and tone of Waq al-waq will remain the same. (I think that is a good thing.)

Please do bear with us through any technical difficulties over the coming day or two. In the future you should be automatically redirected to the new Waq al-waq.


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