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Monday Papers

Ayman al-Zawahiri released a new audio tape yesterday, which focused on four different subjects. The second of these was on Yemen. His message was not that different form al-Wahayshi’s last week. Namely, he called on the tribes in Yemen to live up to their reputation, and act more like the tribes in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The tape can be easily downloaded from a number of jihadi forums and website, and has English subtitles, so every and anyone can read it even if they can’t listen to it. The tape is about 25 minutes long.

President Salih also took off on a four country swing, starting in Syria and eventually visiting Russia, Tajikistan and Indonesia.

Al-Ghad published photos of the US UAV that crashed in Soqotra last week – it does seem more and more like these are the ones being used to monitor pirate activity in the Gulf of Aden.

And finally a piece on Total’s LNG work in Yemen.

Faysal Mukrim of al-Hayat has a decent overview of a number of recent events in Yemen. He mentions the transfer of al-‘Awfi, al-Wahayshi’s recent audio tape and he says that […]

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