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Mayon to have significant eruption soon?

Mayon appears to be ramping up activity – which could lead to the evacuation of 300,000 people from the neighboring region.

Mayon volcano in Albay province, Philippines.

Yesterday, Mayon in the Philippines, which has been showing signs that it might be headed towards a significant eruption, produced an ash plume that reached as high as 3.5 km / 12,000 feet according to some reports. Evacuations of villages near the volcano have begun, while many other towns have been supplied with wireless announcement systems to help with evacuating if the volcano continues to show signs that it will experience a significant eruption.

Last week, there were reports that a new dome was forming at the summit of Mayon and if this new dome continues to grow, the likelihood of an explosive eruption that could prompt the evacuation of nearly 300,000 people increases. The volcano is experiencing ~1 earthquake per hour and a glow persists at the summit. PHIVOLCS has left the volcano at Alert Level 2 (of 4).


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