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Late Papers: While the cat is away the mice will play

President Salih is out of the country today, but while he is gone the JMP is publicly questioning his speech from Saturday, suggesting that there are more secessionists in San’a and Sa’dah than in the south – essentially saying put-up or shut-up.

Any ideas as to Salih’s reaction? I’m guessing he doesn’t name who he was referring to, I don’t think he can and it is a bit of a nice piece of politics for the JMP to call him on it. July 17, and his own personal presidential ascension anniversary are just around the corner so if there is an answer it will likely come in this year’s speech. Last year saw the end of the al-Huthi conflict, who knows what this year will bring.

Also, it sounds as if the al-Raymi/al-Zindani/al-Ahmar alliance for the councils on the prevention of vice and promotion of virtue are not as silent as they promised they would be. Still, I have to say, this is a smart move – attacking something the vast majority of Yemenis oppose. Start small by attacking the crimes no one likes and then expand out to impose your own particular version of legality on society – it has worked before.

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