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JON STEWART ON THE BUSH STEM CELL POLICY: Daily Show Compares Administration’s Position on Embryo Life to Civilian Lives in Iraq; Study Shows Negative Effects for Regular Daily Show Viewing…But This Clip is Damn Funny

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I run against the tastes of my generation in that I have never been much of a fan of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. As a recent study finds, I have always believed that the show serves a damaging displacement function, with many viewers relying on Stewart as their only source of political news. More troubling, the show generates political cynicism and negativism, while promoting a false sense among viewers of political involvement and sophistication.

But this recent take by the show on the Bush stem cell policy is hilarious, and offers a valid point: The Bush administration’s position on the value of life when it comes to embryos is at odds with its policy on civilian casualties in Iraq.


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