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JAMES HANSEN ENDORSES “TRUTH” IN NY REVIEW OF BOOKS: Calls the Movie “Powerful” and “Scientifically Accurate;” Dubs Gore “Prescient,” Wonders If the Media Has Distorted the Image of Gore

In the recent issue of The NY Review of Books, James Hansen pens a must-read review of several recent books on climate change, and includes a review of Gore’s Inconvenient Truth.

Hansen on the film:

The movie seems to me powerful and the book complements it, adding useful explanations. It is hard to predict how this unusual presentation will be received by the public; but Gore has put together a coherent account of a complex topic that Americans desperately need to understand. The story is scientifically accurate and yet should be understandable to the public, a public that is less and less drawn to science…..An Inconvenient Truth is about Gore himself as well as global warming. It shows the man that I met in the 1980s at scientific roundtable discussions, passionate and knowledgeable, true to the message he has delivered for years. It makes one wonder whether the American public has not been deceived by the distorted images of him that have been presented by the press and television. Perhaps the country came close to having the leadership it needed to deal with a grave threat to the planet, but did not realize it.

Hansen has much more to say about Truth, Gore, and global warming. So check out the article.


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