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It’s the Dawning of the Age of Experience


nCheck out this cool innovation event sponsored by IBM next week in Boston: “The Dawning of the Age of Experience.” (Hat tip: Scott Janousek)

Experience design is no longer a nice-to-have luxury of a fewnorganizations with tons of money and exceptional visionary management.nIt’s become commonplace for organizations that build products and webnsites. Experience Design is a centerpiece of boardroom discussions andnquickly becoming a key performance indicator for many businesses.n


However, you can’t just hire a couple of “experience designers” andntell them, “Go do that voodoo that you do so well.” Today’s businessnenvironment forces us to build multi-disciplinary teams, compiling andiverse group of skills and experiences to handle the many facets ofnthe technical, business, and user requirements. In his usual entertaining and insightful manner, Jared M. Spool will talknabout what it takes to build a design team that meets today’s needs.


The part about the “multi-disciplinary teams” is spot on. Organizations need T-thinkers, not silo thinkers if they want to achieve success in today’s global innovation environment. The event at the IBM Innovation Center will feature examples from Southwest Airlines, the Mayo Clinic, and Netflix. (Oh, and some other little company you might have heard of — Apple)

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