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Is That a Light Bulb in Your Pocket?

Yes, it is a Pocket Light, and you could actually keep it not only in your pocket but in your wallet as well, next to.. other useful items handy for engaging in romantic activities. The concept was originally created by Ryan Harc who was inspired by the blissful moments with his beloved and decided that in unexpected situations even a little lamp can be moving. Of course, the little lamp can be used in not-so-romantic unexpected situations too. 

Pocket Light looks like a card almost the size of a credit card. When it is folded up it provides mellow light, thanks to a cell at its back providing power. Apparently, there is some Pocket Light controversy, since the concept was stolen by another brand that decided to produce it. “Thanks” to that, however, now Pocket Card Light is actually available for purchase and is waiting for fun ways to be used. 


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