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Huila eruption produces fatalities


I have been out of town for the past few days, but we do have some big (and unfortunate) news from Colombia. Nevado del Huila in southwestern Colombia erupted today and the ensuing lahar (or volcaniclastic debris flow – it is hard to tell from the reports) killed at least 4 people, and possibly as many as 10*. We know that Huila has been showing signs of activity, but now it seems like it might have had real eruption, at least to the point that a lahar was produced and possible the creation of a new summit crater. Evacuations are under way and several towns have been cut off as the lahars have destroyed bridges in the state of Cauca. I’ll post more here as I find more details reports about the eruption.


* Note, this article mentions that Huila erupted in 1994, killing 1,000, which is not correct. I think they might be confusing the potential eruption at Ruiz in 1994 (that did not kill 1,000) with an earthquake in Toez, Colombia in June 1994 that did kill ~1,000.


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