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How Atheists Bow Down to the God of Reason

When the atheists are not busy worshiping their various pagan celebrity gods, they turn to their supreme ruler: REASON.

“The atheist is actually a neo-religious individual who has built himself a God in the form of human Reason, and he bows down before his Lord of Reason, and worships at its altar. 

In fact, there exists an organization known as The Reason Project, a de facto, non-profit church for the God doubters, where they can meet, bond, and rejoice in the concept of human omniscience.  In order to belong to their exalted fraternity/sorority, it is imperative that the atheist share a common disdain for the spiritualists of the world.  Moreover, in the atheist’s mind, the ultimate sinner is the scientist who clings to faith and refuses to pay homage to  Reason as the ultimate power.

The worship of Reason is human hubris to the extreme and any organization that venerates Reason must ultimately renounce its primary antagonist, namely……Heart.   The logical extrapolation of Reason to all universal matters precludes considerations of Heart. 

It is the demands of Reason that allow humans to torture animals in experiments “for the greater good.”  It is the demands of Reason that emboldened the Nazis to experiment upon Jews for purposes of achieving expeditious medical epiphanies.  It is the demands of Reason  that  require all “irrationalists” to be impugned and ridiculed.

By what right does the human animal insist that his definition of what is real, relevant, or appropriate must become the absolute verdict on all universal matters?  By what right do Reason disciples feel that science should serve as the final arbiter of all universal considerations when, over the ages, virtually every school of scientific thought has been discredited in hindsight as being no more than the “voodoo of its day?”

In any choice between Reason or Heart, I will lean toward the latter…but, of course, that’s just what “irrational” musicians do.


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