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Galeras Erupts

Galeras in Colombia has an “atypical” eruption, prompting evacuations and a warning of potentially more activity.

An undated photo of the crater at Galeras.

I am literally out the door, so I will fill this article a little more after my prior academic obligations, but there are reports of an eruption at Galeras in Colombia overnight. 8,000 people living near the volcano have been evacuated as INGEOMINAS moved the alert status at the volcano to “Red”. Not much out there on the details of the eruption beyond this intriguing statement:

Diego Gomez from the Pasto Observatory of Vulcanology and Seismology said that due to the atypical, non-explosive eruption, another eruption is imminent.

Galeras the most active volcano in Colombia (at least in the last 50 years), last erupting in January of this year.


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