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A few readers have written in to ask whether tomorrow’s AMS presentation will be recorded. My answer is “I don’t know,” but I will let everyone know if and when a recording is available. In the meantime, back in the spring I appeared on the Point of Inquiry program to talk about the framing of science debates. The podcast or MP3 file is available for download. Scroll down to the 5/19/2006 episode.

It’s the best I can do for right now, but stay tuned. (If you are a Seed and ScienceBlogs enthusiast, and you have yet to discover The Point of Inquiry program distributed by the Center for Inquiry, definitely do so. Each show is 45 minutes of commercial free discussion with guests like Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, Daniel Dennett, Chris Mooney, Paul Kurtz, Michael Shermer, Ann Druyan, Eugenie Scott, Sam Harris and the list goes on and on.)


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