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Does President Salih read Waq al-waq?

A few days ago I mentioned that the current situation in Yemen is much more complicated than the traditional north/south dichotomy. Now, President Salih in a meeting with people from Radfan claims that there are more secessionists in San’a and Sa’dah. Implicitly, I think – although it is sometimes difficult to parse his particular speaking style – he is arguing that many people are attempting to use popular discontent in the south to further their own agendas.

The timing does seem more than just coincidental, and since Waq al-waq has a number of readers in Yemen – something we are enormously if disproportionately proud of – we hereby promise a bag of shami qat to anyone who can verify that President Salih reads Waq al-waq, even if I have to travel all the way to Saudi Arabia to buy it.


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