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Depressing Story of the Day: April 20th Version (Upadated)

If the Yemeni government wants to ease tensions in the South it needs to be seen addressing some of the grievances in the South, at least that is the opinion of many. Simple and direct.

Unfortunately, even when it tries, this is sometimes easier said than done. This morning the governor of al-Dhal’a, Ali Qasim Talib, was forced to cancel his visit to the district of al-Juhaf where he was scheduled to lay the corner stones for some different educational and health projects. The reason: security threats. If the governor can’t even travel in his governorate to inaugurate new projects what chance is there?

Update: Al-Tagheer provides more details on the story: apparently, the “security threats” were an explosion that went off near the governor’s house in al-Dhal’a and a group of armed men that besieged the directer of al-Juhaf as he attempted to raise the flag of the republic above his office Tuesday morning. Not good when you can’t even fly the flag in the south.


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