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DEM RE-ELECTION PLATFORM DEVOLVES: Original Release Focuses on SC Research, Evolution, and Science Education; Revised Version Drops the Focus

On June 15, the day I moved from Columbus to DC, I listened during my drive out here to a few hours of Rush Limbaugh. On his program he discussed a story in the Boston Globe that outlined the major points of the election platform for Congressional democrats, dubbed a “New Direction for America.” I was suprised to hear that a novel part of the platform emphasized investment in stem cell research and the defense of evolution in schools.

So I finally got around to looking up the Boston Globe article, based on a press release from Nancy Pelosi’s office. Below is the text, what is interesting is that this early version accents stem cell research and evolution as major points of the election effort, but the revised version now up at the Dem’s Congressional Web site drops the emphasis. Go here for the revised version. Notice also that in both versions, while there is an emphasis on “Energy Independence,” there is no mention of climate change.

‘New Direction for America’ platform

June 15, 2006

Negotiate lower prescription-drug prices with pharmaceutical companies for Medicare’s drug program.

Fund stem cell research, increase access to healthcare

Increase science research, ensure the teaching of evolution, increase funding for community colleges.

Cut student-loan interest rates by half.

Ensure access to family planning methods and abortion, fund infant and child-care.

Increase the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour, increase employment benefits.

Enact funding recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

Institute lobbying reform, implement balanced budgets, pay down the national debt.

Enact tax changes to benefit entrepreneurs.

Focus national security strategy to nation’s borders, increase port security.

Fund more public transportation, promote environmental restoration.

Repeal subsidies for oil and gas companies to encourage renewable fuels.

SOURCE: Office of House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.,

Kathleen Hennrikus/Globe Staff


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