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Coffin Aisle

Wal-Mart plans to cater to our cradle-to-grave needs—and is now selling coffins.

“The world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, now plans to hold on to customers even after they die – by selling coffins. Prices range from a ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad Remembered’ steel coffin for $895, to a bronze model at $2,899. The retailer is allowing customers to plan ahead by paying for the caskets over 12 months for no interest. They can be dispatched within 48 hours. Catering for cradle-to-grave needs, Wal-Mart already sells everything from baby wear to engagement rings. A spokesman for the supermarket giant, Ravi Jariwala, said the new coffin range was ‘a limited beta test to understand customer response’.”


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