Enhance your photography skills with help from Hollywood's celebrity photographers

From action shots to locking down the perfect lighting, you can master the art of photography with these online lessons.

  • From action shots to locking down the perfect lighting, you can master the art of photography with these online lessons.
  • Get a chance to learn from Hollywood's celebrity photographers including Michael Muller, Patrick Hoelck, and Brian Bowen Smith.
  • Originally valued at $2,990, you can enroll in the photography course for just $99.99.

There's so much more to photography than meets the eye. Literally. It's a skill with a lot of moving parts, but you'll be able to master it with the proper training. Learn from the best with this online photo school, which delivers instruction from celebrity photographers.

This comprehensive master class is the ultimate guide to mastering photography and Photoshop. But first, it'll kick things off with a chance for you to get to know your esteemed instructors better. Celebrity photographers Michael Muller, Patrick Hoelck, and Brian Bowen Smith, who have had photographs featured on billboards, magazine covers, art galleries, and more around the world, will dive into their own photography experience.

Then, of course, it will continue into the basics and the fundamentals of professional photography. This class will be a step up from Instagram photos and editing shots on your smartphone. You'll also receive some on-location training that will demonstrate how to shoot in common places like a grocery store or mall parking lot.

Watch a brief video of what will go down here:

Overall, there's so much that this online Photo School from Hollywood's masters has to offer. The best part is you won't have to pay the full price of $2,990 to be part of it. For a limited time, enrollment is available online for the sale price of $99.99. Sign up and kick your skills up a notch.

Photo School: Learn Photography & Photoshop from Hollywood's Masters - $99.99

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