Learn how to take control of your finances for under $40

Be your own accountant and handle your assets with this personal finance class bundle.

  • As we navigate the global pandemic, staying on top of your finances is essential.
  • Financial freedom is possible by focusing on budgeting and investing wisely.
  • Accumulating long-term wealth is a skill that can be learned, and this Personal Finance Master Class Bundle can help.

The stock market may have rebounded, but roughly half of Americans don't own any stock. Thankfully, learning how to budget and invest are skills that anyone can learn.

The Complete Personal Finance Master Class Bundle is your ticket to financial freedom. The nine courses featured in the bundle include detailed instructions on how to manage your personal finances, the skills needed to trade stocks, and the fundamentals of real estate.

Three courses focus on managing personal finances—an especially valuable skill at a time when consumer spending is down and unemployment is on everyone's minds. The first course puts your bank account into perspective by honing in on the three pillars of personal finance: saving, protecting, and making money. Twenty-five exercises show you how to accomplish this trio.

The bundle also includes a personal finance masterclass offering six hours of lessons that will help you gain the tools you need to manage and build your wealth so you can attain a new level of financial independence. Another course shows you the ins and outs of today's economy by introducing you to a few simple, proven laws of money management.

For those wishing to invest, two classes on day trading will point you in the right direction. If real estate is more your speed, two more courses help you analyze and understand the market. A final course on financial analysis rounds out your education in money and markets.

Ready to take control of your finances? The Complete Personal Finance Master Class Bundle is on sale now for just $39.99, a 97% discount from the list price.

Price subject to change.

The Complete Personal Finance Master Class Bundle - $39.99

Master Your Finances

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