This is the training any graphic designer should have. It’s on sale now for under $40.

Come to grips with the fundamentals of graphic design and master the field's top tools.

  • The School of Graphic Design Mastery Bundle covers basic industry philosophies and tools.
  • Special courses dig into branding techniques as well as using the Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
  • The $1,400 training course is available now for only $39.

Well-tuned aesthetics and a strong visual eye are great, but before you assume that’s enough to get working in the graphic design field, you should also consider a few basics. Do you have a firm command of core graphic design principles? Are you familiar with the key design tools that industry pros use every day?

If you’re a little shaky on those questions, there’s a simple way to catch up. The School of Graphic Design Mastery Bundle ($39, over 90 percent off) brings together seven courses that will give you the industry training required to create stunning work and carve out your own niche in that competitive arena.

Your first four courses, centered around a pair of Graphic Design Master Classes, dig deep into basic design knowledge every designer has to know, including typography, color theory, layout and composition, photo editing, branding and more. Since branding and business design elements play a huge role in graphic art, there’s also coursework centered there, including creating a logo, producing a color palette and even how to design a great T-shirt.

Meanwhile, the remaining three courses focus on some of the most used tools of the graphic design trade, specifically the Adobe Creative Cloud app suite. By the time you’re done, you’ll be fully versed in the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more to create basically any graphic look or feel you want.

Right now, the entire School of Graphic Design Mastery Bundle, a $1,400 training package, is discounted to just $39, less than $6 per course.

Software not included. Prices are subject to change.

The School of Graphic Design Mastery Bundle - $39

Get the training for $39

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