Help Rick Smith Help The Homeless and Hungry this Holiday

My friends at the Rick Smith Show ("Where Working People Come to Talk") are camping out in a supermarket parking lot in sub-zero temperatures to collect food and donations for needy people in their community.

Please help them out:

Homelessness and poverty continues to plague the region. That's why starting December 18th we'll be raising awareness by camping in the parking lot at the Giant supermarket at 255 South Spring Garden Street in Carlisle, PA. We will raise cash and food donations for Carlisle C.A.R.E.S, and Project SHARE.

To donate please do so to the right. We will be streaming the entire event on this page and over UStream. As always we'll be doing the live show from 9PM-12AM and then the weekend show 12PM-2PM.

Can't stop by with a can of food? Don't worry. It's easy to donate online. Make a contribution here. The food bank will use your contribution to buy groceries at bulk prices, so even more nourishment goes to those who need it.

Thanks to the members of AFSCME Local 2456 ● District Council 89 for their generous donation.

[Photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi, Creative Commons.]

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