Virgin_galactic_spaceport As Chad Farneth of Readymade News points out, Virgin Galactic's plan to establish a spaceport in the New Mexico desert is starting to kick into high gear:

"The state of New Mexico and Virgin Galactic have unveiled design concepts of the first Spaceport to be used for commercial flights. On 4 September, the designs were revealed for a project that is to begin construction in 2008. A design team comprised of American and British   architects and designers combined to submit the winning design that was unveiled last week during a ceremony sponsored by the New Mexico Spaceport Authority (NMSA). There is clearly a market for individuals to become "space tourists", and it appears Virgin and NMSA have an initial offering for those with deep pockets and grand dreams."

It's hard to believe, but within a few years, the dream of space tourism could become a reality!

[image: Virgin Galactic Spaceport]