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ISTE Leadership Forum

Here are some great resources from the 2012 ISTE Leadership Forum held in Indianapolis. The resources from the conference are hosted on the Leadership Forum Wiki - feel free to browse. 

  • Chris Lehmann's slide deck
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech-leading Principals
  • Educational Leadership Google Reader bundle
  • Thinkers and Doers
  • Here are some great tweets from the conference. Check them out at #ISTELF12

  • A vision statement shouldn't just be words on a wall. It should take you somewhere.  @web20classroom
  • Kids should be using what they are learning right now; not good enough to say, "You'll need to know this someday." @colonelb
  • Factory, Prison, and Churches are the 3 primary design influences for schools. @misterabrams
  • If you aren't teaching Digital Citizenship in 2012, you are not teaching citizenship @StowPrincipalD
  • Make it all about learning. Let technology permeate. Engage the whole system. @isteconnects
  • When creating a tech vision, impulse is to grab the early adopters. Flip your thinking. Involve the late adopters to minimize fear. @misteradams
  • Hulu's original movie "Palm Springs" is the comedy we needed this summer

    Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti get stuck in an infinite wedding time loop.

    • Two wedding guests discover they're trapped in an infinite time loop, waking up in Palm Springs over and over and over.
    • As the reality of their situation sets in, Nyles and Sarah decide to enjoy the repetitive awakenings.
    • The film is perfectly timed for a world sheltering at home during a pandemic.
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