DABA: Greg Farr

Greg Farr makes me laugh ‘til my sides hurt. That’s probably the best endorsement I can give this Texas principal blogger. Greg also blogs for LeaderTalk (and I encourage you to check out his posts there too). However, he reserves the best part of his comic brilliance for his own blog. I think Greg deserves a bigger audience (DABA) and thus award him the crimson megaphone:

  • FarBucks
  • Greg mixes in the personal with the professional and is always thought-provoking and/or entertaining (for example, he has no qualms about posting a picture of his father wearing a rice sack). Here are a few posts to get you started:

    • Wii Wanna Play, Too!
    • My Origami Learning Curve
    • The Check Is In the Mail
    • Is the Word of God Research Based?
    • Tossing Dan a Lifeline
    • [Sorry, Greg. I outed you. Hope I don’t drive you under cover again.]

      Happy reading!

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