Blogging, tweeting, and the uncovering of personality

Will Richardson has yet another post that's generated a great deal of discussion. This time it's about the value of Twitter for conversation. Will ponders Twitter's impact on conversations and suspects that maybe it's making us lazy...

For me it's about the conversation but, more importantly, it's also about the uncovering of personality. The social web is about people and connectivity, right? So every blog, tweet, Skype chat, comment, Flickr photo, YouTube video, Facebook update, or Ning post - they're each another gap-filler for me. Chink by chink, brick by brick, pixel by pixel - the picture becomes more clear and complete. Is this someone with whom I want to connect? Is this someone with whom I want to converse? Is this someone from whom I want to learn?

That's the power of Twitter (and blogging and ... ) for me. Is it maddeningly disjointed and unconnected? Absolutely. But that's what happens when everyone has a voice and when there are numerous tools to express ourselves. Our aggregation and monitoring tools will get better in the years to come. In the meantime, I'm going to celebrate the power and potential of our new information landscape, despite all of its frustrating flaws and growing pains, because I know that it has greatly enriched my life and exponentially expanded my horizons (cue the violins)...

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