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Sunday Mind Memes: A McDonalds for Healthy Food, the Sound of the Big Bang and More

1. Cover Your Ears. Here’s What the Big Band Sounded Like:


That audio recreation was made by the University of Washington physicist John Cramer, who notes that the sound frequencies needed to be scaled upward by a huge factor (about 10 to the 26 power) in order to be perceptible to the human ear. “The actual Big Bang frequencies,” Cramer notes, “were far too low to be heard by humans (even had any been around).” 

Check out Cramer’s site for additional sound files and expanded analysis here.

Hat tip to Science Daily

2. Through Google Glass, Darkly

Google has released Timothy Jordan’s presentation from SXSW in Austin, TX, which was a sneak peek at the Google Mirror API that will be used to create the Glass experience.

Watch here:

3. Sperm is One of America’s Hottest Exports

Why is donating sperm so big in the U.S.?

Brooke Jarvis points out that unlike many countries, “the U.S. allows men to donate anonymously and to be paid for doing so, leading to a comparatively larger donor pool; sperm donations in other countries plummeted following laws prohibiting anonymous donation or payment.

Read more here.

4. A McDonalds for Healthy Food?

Why don’t we have an abundance of cheap, healthy menu options?

“It may not be that capitalism hasn’t come up with the right solution,” writes Hank Campbell at Science 2.0, “it may be that culturally we recognize we are in a Golden Age of plentiful food at affordable prices and we have to grow out of it.”

Read more here.

5. Mad Men is Back. Mind Memes to Follow

If you survey Mad Men memes you tend to find a lot of jokes about alcohol and women. Many are predictably sophomoric and highly offensive, but some are clever. And we love the retro pastel poster for season six, which premieres tonight:

And don’t forget “draping,” which is: “Don Draper (Jon Hamm) gracefully draping his manly suited up arms over sofas, bars, conference room chairs, and the various lovely ladies in his midst.”


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