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Interactive Chart Reveals Job Opportunities in the U.S.

A friend of mine, school psychologist, told me recently how she was asked by parents to deliver a presentation on future career opportunities in front of third graders. She called doing that “irresponsible” and thought she had to be a fortune teller to be able to tell kids what jobs will be most in demand when they grow up. There are plenty of others who would disagree with my friend and the internet abounds with articles and predictions (not by fortune tellers at all) on the jobs of the future.

While it’s questionable whether we can help third graders with their career choices, we could certainly take an objective look at the current trends and see which are the better options for those of us already on the market.

Rasmussen College has given us a hand at that by creating an easy to navigate, interactive data chart which reveals all the available jobs in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, comparing average potential salaries vs. the number of people employed for each job.

Click image to open interactive version (via Rasmussen College).

Adria Saracino who worked on creating the graph says:

Essentially, it’s a tool to help career changers and job seekers figure out which career is best to invest in – which one makes the most money, employs the most people, AND has job market stability? Where a particular job sits in the quadrants determines whether or not it is worth pursuing.

Image Source: Shutterstock


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